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Development of production of egg melange and pasteurized egg products on the territory of the Ussuriysk urban district

Publication date: 11.11.2020
Last updated: 13.01.2021
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing
Project type
  • New construction / launch of new production
Project budget
60,400  thousand rubles
Need for external investment
54,987  thousand rubles


Project description

The initiator plans to organize production with an independent infrastructure in a building requiring major overhaul. The production area is: 1024.65 m2. The production is planned to be located in a quiet place, where the air is not polluted by industrial emissions or dust, which is typical for areas with intensive activity of poultry farms.

Description of project services and / or products

It is planned to equip the production facility with equipment that will make it possible to produce products based on pasteurized eggs. This equipment uses the innovative EasyLifeEgg technology for Russia. It makes it possible to obtain a high-quality pure dietary product that meets all safety requirements, ready-to-eat, with a high shelf life of 56 days.

Сontacts of the regional development institute
+7 (914) 690-25-85
Project company