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Production of construction thermal insulation materials

Publication date: 18.06.2020
Last updated: 13.01.2021
  • Construction
  • Construction
  • Construction
Project type
  • New construction / launch of new production
Project budget
3,603,600  thousand rubles
Need for external investment
2,803,000  thousand rubles
Form of required financing
  • Debt financing / bank loan


Project description

As part of the project, the factory will be built, modern technological equipment purchased and installed.

This will enable the company to produce high quality thermal insulation materials. The annual production volume upon reaching the design capacity will amount to 80,000 tons of mineral basalt wool and up to 1,500,000 m2 of laminated panels.

Description of project services and / or products

1. Mineral basalt wool;
2. Layered panels.

Сontacts of the regional development institute
+7 (8712) 29-60-91
Project company