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Beryllium metal production

Publication date: 27.05.2020
Last updated: 13.01.2021
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Mining and quarrying
Project type
  • Expansion of existing production
  • Launch of new products within existing production
Project budget
21,819,000  thousand rubles
Need for external investment
17,455,200  thousand rubles
Form of required financing
  • Debt financing / bank loan
  • Equity holding / acquisition of a stake


Project description

Development in Russia of a full cycle production of metallic beryllium and beryllium alloys and maximizing the utilization of the Malyshevsky emerald-beryllium deposit development potential.

Description of project services and / or products

Natural emeralds in raw materials, natural Alexandrites in raw materials, Raw materials of natural minerals (beryl, chrysoberyl, phenakite), Metallic beryllium, Copper-beryllium alloys (Be = 2.1%), Beryllium oxide.

Сontacts of the regional development institute
+7 (343) 312-00-31 доб. 426
Project company