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An autonomous plant for generating electricity from natural gas was created in the Zhigulevskaya Dolina

22 April 2022

A resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina Technopark LLC Renforce-NT presented a development in the field of energy. An autonomous power generation module will allow generating electricity from methane and reducing the carbon footprint. The development of scientists is designed to provide sections of main roads, settlements and technological facilities with "green" electricity, the authors of the project said.

Technopark "Zhigulevskaya Dolina" is one of the leading investment sites in the region. Here, residents are assisted at all stages of the implementation of their projects. Governor Dmitry Azarov pays special attention to creating comfortable conditions for the development of technological and innovative entrepreneurship. A favorable business climate in the region is being formed as part of the implementation of the national projects "Small and Medium Enterprises".

A ready-made power module, developed by a technopark resident, does not require a foundation or capital construction, and is capable of operating continuously for 4-5 years without the presence of technical staff. The design allows you to change the final installation to the needs of specific consumers - from large industries to owners of private houses. The output electric power of the installation assembled in the technopark is 1 kW.

“Gas from the main pipeline is used as fuel, which makes it possible to exclude the logistics component for the delivery of fuel. Also, unlike foreign analogues, our installation does not require the use of water. In fact, the only thing that is needed for the operation of the module is the presence of natural gas from the pipeline , ”said Maxim Arefiev , project coordinator .

The principle of operation of the unit is based on the reaction that takes place in the process of reforming (based on the principles of partial oxidation) of natural gas into synthesis gas, which is the fuel for a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC). Electricity in SOFCs is produced through an electrochemical process that converts the energy stored in hydrogen atoms, allowing up to 65% electrical efficiency. The rest of the energy is converted into heat energy.

 “ Technopark Zhigulevskaya Dolina is the flagship platform of our region for working with high-tech and innovative projects. Today, more than 250 residents are successfully developing here with developments in various fields of activity: information technology, medicine, a healthy lifestyle, engineering, the automotive industry, and energy. We do everything to ensure that our developers create unique products and technologies, implement their ideas, bring them to the market and find customers, including among large companies and state corporations, ” said Dmitry Bogdanov , Minister of Economic Development and Investments of the Samara Region .

The authors of the project note that the device can become a significant alternative to diesel generators in remote regions of the country, including Siberia and the Far East. JSC "Gazprom" and the state corporation Rosatom have already become interested in the modular power plant.

“Power plants based on reforming appeared at the beginning of the 20th century. And the main problem of such installations is their serialization and their wide application. The readiness of the product, which was shown by the resident of the Zhigulevskaya Dolina technopark, and the efficiency of this product are impressive. Big business plans to buy such units speak to the potential commercial success of the product. Such a combination of scientists-inventors and business is innovative development in its purest form, ” said Ivan Fedotov , director of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia (AIRR) .

The Samara region, along with 16 other subjects of the Russian Federation, is a member of the AIRR. The goal of the Association of Innovative Regions of Russia is to promote the effective innovative development of the participating regions. The regions of the Association account for more than 45.7% of all innovative products of the country.