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The Digital Transformation of the Fuel and Energy Sector: Deriving Benefits

30 September 2021
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The business programme of the Russian Energy Week International Forum will include an expert discussion called «The Digital Transformation of the Fuel and Energy Sector: Deriving Benefits», focused on the prospects for introducing digital technologies into the fuel and energy industry.

Digital transformation is one of the key tools to improve the efficiency of fuel and energy companies in a rapidly changing market, increasing competition and climate change agenda. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that the transfer of physical and business processes to the digital environment, the automation of routine operations, and end-to-end management integration are not just a fashionable trend but an urgent need for industry companies. Today, both global and Russian businesses continue to invest in digital solutions, while the state system for supporting digital transformation receives new development incentives thanks to initiatives to regulate Big Data in industry, form an industrial data ecosystem in Russia, synchronize industrial and government data markets, and many others.

«Transforming the fuel and energy sector in line with climate challenges is impossible without introducing modern digital technologies. In addition, digitalization helps to improve operational efficiency and ensures competitiveness in the global market. The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, jointly with industry representatives, is working hard to develop measures that will facilitate the accelerated implementation of digital technologies in the fuel and energy sector,» said Pavel Sorokin, Deputy Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation.

Panellists will discuss how new government initiatives will help businesses benefit from the digital transformation process, how the pandemic has affected the digital maturity of fuel and energy companies, what projects they are currently undertaking, and what requirements should be set for industrial data.

The Russian Energy Week International Forum will be held in Moscow on 13–15 October 2021, at the Manezh Exhibition Hall. REW 2021 is organized by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the Roscongress Foundation and the Moscow City Government.