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Far East Lab to Develop Neural Implant Project for the Blind

17 September 2021
Проект нейроимпланта для слепых будут развивать на Дальнем Востоке

Sensor-Tech Laboratory, which has developed ELVIS, the first neural implant in Russia to restore vision for the visually impaired, signed several cooperation agreements at the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok.

With the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives, the laboratory team met with representatives of the Primorsky Territory, the Amur Region, Transbaikalia, and Yakutia. The parties discussed the introduction of artificial intelligence and neural implants into medical practice as well as ways to attract investment for the ELVIS project.

In addition, with the agency’s assistance, Sensor-Tech Laboratory Director Denis Kuleshov discussed plans for scientific and technological cooperation with the leaders of Far Eastern Federal University. The first steps in this regard will be Sensor-Tech’s participation in the Russky Innovative Scientific and Technical Centre as well as the involvement of leading scientists and doctors from the FEFU medical centre to participate in the ELVIS project. FEFU and Sensor-Tech plan to sign a cooperation agreement in the near future, and present the results of the first year of joint work at the next EEF.

«For our project, this is our first experience participating in the EEF, and thanks to ASI’s assistance, we managed to form a very extensive business programme. We have plans to enter Asian markets with our technologies, so we need reliable partners and infrastructure in the Far East,» Kuleshov said.

The ELVIS neural implant was included in the top 100 projects of the Strong Ideas for the New Times Forum, which is being organized by the ASI and Roscongress Foundation. The agency is currently supporting ELVIS as a leadership project.