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10th APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia-Pacific Region to Be Held as Part of EEF 2021

23 July 2021
10-я Международная конференция АТЭС по высшему образованию  состоится на полях ВЭФ-2021

This year, the 10th APEC Conference on Cooperation in Higher Education in Asia-Pacific Region (APEC CCHE) will form part of the 6th Eastern Economic Forum, to be held in Vladivostok on 2–4 September. Participants of this anniversary event will discuss achievements and further prospects for cooperation under the banner “Ten Years Standing Together: Global Education Foresight”.


 “The APEC International Conference on Education is an effective platform for dialogue between representatives of ministries, organizations working in this area, and leading universities of the Asia-Pacific region. This format is geared to aid cooperation in education with the aim of achieving the goals of this regional community. This event will play a part in making sure we have well-qualified staff and jobs for graduates in the Far East of Russia,” says Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the Russian President and Executive Secretary of the Eastern Economic Forum Organizing Committee.


This year, the conference will focus on three themes: “Reaching for New Partnerships”, “Addressing the Needs of the Future”, and “Unleashing Potential”. These strands will work on nine topics:

Track One. Reaching for New Partnerships

Session One. Space Without Borders: Big Eurasian Partnership and APEC;

Session Two. Across Oceans: APEC for Africa;

Session Three. APEC–BRICS–G20: In Search of Common Ground.

Track Two. Addressing the Needs of the Future

Session One. A Decade of UN Oceanography for Sustainable Development: The Asia-Pacific Contribution;

Session Two. The APEC Technological Initiative: Debate on the Digital Transformation of Education;

Session Three. Energy Cooperation in APEC and Eurasia: Hydrogen Potential.


Track Three. Unleashing the Potential of the University

Session One. Navigating Student Success: Connecting Universities to the Labour Market;

Session Two. University Ratings: Between Competition and Cooperation;

Session Three. Priorities for 2030: Innovative Development of Education Systems.

Participants will be invited to explore potential areas of cooperation in the region and beyond, to define trends and challenges in the development of the Asia-Pacific education community, and to put forward potential ways of strengthening regional systems of education to ensure stable socio-economic progress in the Asia-Pacific region. 


The APEC CCHE has been held at the Far Eastern Federal University every year since 2012. The event is held with support from Russia’s Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Foreign Ministry, and the APEC Human Resource Development Working Group. Participants discuss a wide range of issues in education, science, and human capital development, as well as integrating Asia-Pacific countries’ education systems. This year, the conference will be held as part of the Eastern Economic Forum for the sixth time.