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Ministry of Agriculture to launch new measures to support export of high added value produce

9 December 2020
Минсельхоз России запустит новые меры поддержки для развития экспорта продукции АПК с высокой добавленной стоимостью

Made in Russia Export Forum took place in Moscow on 9 December. Organized by Russian Export Center and Roscongress Foundation, the event adopted ‘economy of the third decade and its effect on Russian export development’ as its main topic. Heads of federal government, development institutions, as well as representatives of the business community took part in discussing the relevant questions pertaining to International Cooperation and Export National Project.  

During the plenary session of the Forum, Sergei Levin, Deputy Minister of Agriculture spoke about state support measures for companies exporting agricultural produce. He noted that the Ministry designed new sustenance mechanisms that aims to diversify export as part of the Export of Agricultural Produce federal project. The measures that will be activated in 2021 include cost reimbursement for constructing or modernizing enterprises carrying out investment projects in advanced processing of grain, oil seeds, fishery products, plus partial reimbursement for purchase of high-tech equipment.  

Key export element of Russian agricultural export is grain: Russia is one of global leaders in wheat trade. “Our place in the global grain market is very advantageous. Today, grain production is very labour consuming and technologically driven at the same time, particularly in the fields of selection and equipment modernization. State support measures that are currently being implemented target various companies, including those working in the advanced grain processing. This is precision production stimulation for companies that put out produce with high added value,” said Mr. Levin. 

“It is important to note that the new players in the agriculture sector are active and successful in terms of accessing international markets via electronic channels. We see this in the statistics from our national stores at the Chinese platform, at the national pavilions in Asia and the Arabic world. Moreover, agricultural sector is good at using the nonfinancial support measures Russian Export Center provides. One of the issues that keeps getting in the way is logistics. Yet it is due to the development of infrastructure – railways, ports, distribution centres – that export of grain and oils has skyrocketed,” noted Veronika Nikishina, CEO of Russian Export Center.