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Roscongress launches #timetothinkoutsidethebox, an online series on psychology and personal growth

29 April 2020
Фонд Росконгресс выпустит серию онлайн-передач #ВремяНовогоМышления по психологии и личностному росту

The Roscongress Foundation launches #timetothinkoutsidethebox, an online series that will give the floor to experts in psychology, psychotherapy, and personal growth. New episodes will be released twice a week on Roscongress TV, official website of the Foundation, and in the social networks.

Fearing for wellbeing, worrying about future, attempts to remain efficient while working remotely, heightened irritability and recurrent conflicts with family members — all of these are typical psychological issues many Russians are facing today during the extended self-isolation period.

«The goal of this project is more than just to help people stay well psychologically. We want to give an impetus for personal growth. In every negative scenario, one should always look for a silver lining. No matter how challenging it seems, this self-isolation presents a chance to reevaluate where you stand, discover motivation, come up with new goals — and start making them happen. This is where the help comes in from professionals, who authored unique methods that have been tested and adapted to current realities,» says Georgy Brusov, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation.

In the first issue of #timetothinkoutsidethebox Anastasiya Treshevskaya, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, expert in emergency psychological help and psychosomatic disorders, will talk about:

  Our body’s response to fear;

  Recognizing and accepting your fear once it is already here;

  What is tenebrosity and how it leads to irritation;

  How can you harness the energy of fear for personal growth.

In the second issue we will get help in coming up with a fear response strategy from NewLevelNow’s Stanislav Klinnikov, one of the best business coaches in Russia and CIS according to Trainings Expo.