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Sakhalin Gas Conference to Be Held for the First Time as Part of an EEF Field Session

27 February 2020
Впервые в рамках выездной сессии Восточного экономического форума состоится Сахалинская газовая конференция

On 2–3 March, a large economic event, Sakhalin Gas Conference, will be held in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk as part of the preparations for the 6th Eastern Economic Forum. The key discussion topic will be the transition to the natural gas as automobile fuel. The use of gas-engine fuel helps increase the efficiency due to the transformation of the automobile fuel market, the development of the domestic gas market, and ensuring environmental safety.

Participants of the conference events will include representatives of Russian Ministry of Energy and Ministry of Industry and Trade; Gazprom; international suppliers of gas equipment; representatives of major dealership centres and transport companies; the Roscongress Foundation; and the Far East Investment and Export Agency. The participants will discuss opportunities, benefits and advantages for the transport industry, as well as challenges that are to be met.

The transition to the gas-engine fuel will become the topic of the main event on the business programme — the plenary session that will be attended by Valeriy Limarenko, Governor of Sakhalin Region; Vitaly Markelov, Deputy Chairman of the Management Committee, Gazprom; Igor Pavlov, Deputy CEO, Roscongress Foundation, and Director of the Eastern Economic Forum.

«Sakhalin Region has its own resource base — the natural gas, and this is a good headstart and our obvious competitive advantage in this area. The number of gas-engine equipment increases annually; we are in the process of switching the public transport to the natural gas, and we plan to do the same with shunters. But in order for the gas-engine fuel to become widespread and for the transport working on it to be economically effective, we need to resolve a number of issues. I am sure that this conference will help us to do so,» said Governor Valeriy Limarenko.

Discussions will be held at the following roundtables: ‘Development of gas-filling infrastructure, technical aspects of reequipping transport for gas-engine fuel. Problems and solutions’ and ‘Financial instruments facilitating the development of transport working on gas-engine fuel’.

Guests of the event will get an opportunity to see automobile models working on gas-engine fuel at a specialized exhibition. Apart from that, on 3 March, the organizers will offer the participants a unique opportunity to visit island’s major companies and meet representatives of corresponding ministries of Sakhalin Region.

«Sakhalin Region has a huge resource potential with harsh natural and climate conditions. Today, apart from investors, scientists and representatives of research centres considerably contribute to development of reserves. The region efficiently implements cutting-edge foreign technologies. The Eastern Economic Forum business programme focuses on activities of advanced special economic zones. I am sure that the Sakhalin Gas Conference will become an important business event in this industry,» noted Igor Pavlov, Deputy CEO of the Roscongress Foundation and Director of the Eastern Economic Forum.

Following the results of the conference, suggestions for the EEF 2020 business programme will be put forward. It will be held from 2 to 5 September in Vladivostok. The Forum will be traditionally operated by the Roscongress Foundation.