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Governor of the Bank of Russia Opened the 28th International Financial Congress

4 July 2019
XXVIII Международный финансовый конгресс открыла Председатель Банка России

Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina opened the business programme of the Congress. In her speech, she emphasized the need for structural changes and fundamental improvement of the investment climate to ensure the growth of the Russian economy. “It’s only the transformational change of structure that is to ramp up the potential, utilize all the economic scope to boost the growth rates and ultimately to enhance people’s well-being. Transformations that are to contribute to the redistribution of resources, labour and economic forces into industries with greater impact, greater productivity, with greater added value. The main thing that needs to be done for the economy to snowball is a radical improvement of the investment climate.”

The first plenary session discussed the policies set by central banks of emerging markets in an era of high volatility. The first day sessions will consider new approaches to financing housing construction, particularities of emerging market central banks policies in an age of elevated global uncertainty, infrastructure projects for the financial market, digital transformation and cyber risks in the financial industry, approach to regulating economic groups.