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Russia: A Bridge Connecting the East and West Discussion of Prospects for Establishing a Multipolar World in Austria

21 May 2019
Россия – соединительный мост между Востоком и Западом: в Австрии обсудили перспективы становления многополярного мира

The Conoscere Eurasia Association held a Second International Meeting on the State of the World and the Global Peace Forum 2019 in Almdorf, Austria. The event was organized in collaboration with the Roscongress Foundation. The International Peace Foundation and Chairman of its Advisory Board Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein served as a partner and host of the event.

The traditional annual meetings in Almdorf are an independent platform for an informal discussion of current geopolitical issues. The event was attended by prominent figures from several countries of Greater Eurasia, from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, and also from the United States.

Prince Alfred von Liechtenstein and Professor Antonio Fallico, the Chairman of Conoscere Eurasia spoke at the opening of the meeting.

The key discussion topics were geopolitics and the global development strategy of Europe, Russia, and the United States. During the meeting, experts discussed the prospects of a multipolar model of the world, the role of the international community in supporting peace and cooperation between countries as well as issues concerning international law.

“We regretfully note that tensions between countries are increasing today and new conflicts are arising regularly. We see Russia having a strategic role in becoming a connecting bridge between the West and the East, while Austria could become a connecting link for the West and Russia. We are calling for comprehensive cooperation between countries”, Fallico said.

Fallico invited the participants to take part in the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum as well as the Eurasian Economic Forum in Verona in order to continue the dialogue.