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SPIEF 2019 to Host the International Youth Economic Forum

15 May 2019
В рамках ПМЭФ-2019 пройдет Международный молодежный экономический форум

The International Youth Economic Forum co-organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs will be held at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

«It is the second year in a row when the programme committee makes the Youth Day part of the Forum programme, thus acting on the instruction of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to set a permanent youth-oriented platform at SPIEF. This day is a significant part of SPIEF: it hosts the International Youth Economic Forum, presentations of promising projects, federal contests award ceremonies, networking sessions and many other exciting events. At this year’s Forum, we’ll talk about economy’s sustainable development, and young people play an important role in this discussion,» noted Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Executive Secretary of the SPIEF Organizing Committee.

The Youth Forum will start with a traditional networking session, where participants are to meet with potential partners and associates, pool the experience and put their business communication skills to work. The event programme was made to establish a unique synergy of driven networking and education. The Mentors’ Lounge for entrepreneurs and professionals is another platform for young entrepreneurs to receive expert advice.

The Youth Forum business programme is to foster the discussion of corporate and intercorporate associations of professional youth and its participation in the economy, digitalization of Eurasia, best organizational practices for human capital development, the role of young scientists associations in the implementation of international scientific and technological projects and the country’s tourism development strategy.

The plenary session ‘Youth Economic Activity: Problems and Development Prospects’ is one of the key events of the Forum programme. The session participants will discuss the world’s best practices of boosting the youth economic activity and the current issues of young people’s integration into small and medium-sized businesses.

Education is one of the critical topics of the Youth Forum business programme. The session on future competencies will discuss ways to review our understanding of human development and the education system to now seed the success that is to sprout in 2050, as well as ways for a young professional to embody lifelong learning and nurture future competencies even after graduation.

Representatives of science and business are to discuss the cooperation of higher education institutions and the business community as a key to successful innovative development of the economy and the society in general and support for youth technology entrepreneurship in particular. «Through such dialogue platforms at the major Russian and international economic forums, young entrepreneurs will meet and touch base with scientists and business leaders, share their ideas and projects, and will gain an overall unique experience. A major business that supports youth technology entrepreneurship can, on the one hand, minimize the technological development risks and, on the other, solve the issue of engaging the talented youth. The later has all the tools for successful self-fulfilment in our country,» comments Alexander Bugaev, Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

Another session devoted to education will consider educational start-ups as a new driver of education transformation. Here, participants will also discuss support for such start-ups and the specifics of finding investors and business angels.

Participants of the business design game ‘Russia and the World: Boosting Competitiveness 4.0’ will explore in detail the issue of attracting investments as it is one of the prerequisites for sustainable economic growth. The young people’s model for attracting investment is a business game for students, young professionals, and entrepreneurs who are interested in investment policy and technological cooperation between countries. The model aims to engage young people in learning about attracting investments, developing external economic relations and implementing a strategy for the country’s socio-economic development. The game participants will research the national and global practices of attracting investments and improving the innovation potential in the ever-changing technological environment, analyse the opportunities and challenges of international cooperation that countries face in the context of the fourth industrial revolution, and also will develop new ways of interacting with foreign partners to foster the country’s economy and strengthen external economic relations.

Participants of the investment session of the International Youth Economic Forum will present their start-ups to investors. The investment session platform is an opportunity for young entrepreneurs to present their projects to the expert counsel and potential investors, as well as to get feedback from start-up investors.

The Youth Forum will host an award ceremony for the winners of the 16th All-Russian My Country — My Russia Contest, which was first held in 2003. Since 2019, the competition has been included in the ‘Russia — a Land of Opportunity’ open platform project list, created at the initiative of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In over 16 years of the contest, more than 90 thousand people with projects for the development of Russian territories and local communities have participated in it. The project is developing at the junction of its three main components: youth policy, education and the public participation in the socio-economic development of Russian territories.

The Forum’s Youth Lecture Hall will discuss the retail prospects, exponential organizations, social entrepreneurship and modern marketing.