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International Arctic Forum 2019 Releases Film Screening Programme

8 April 2019
Участники Международного арктического форума увидят лучшие фильмы о развитии региона

The International Arctic Forum has published a programme on its official website for the films that will be screened at the event. Feature films and documentaries will be shown at the International Arctic Forum showing the historical and cultural heritage of Russia’s Arctic regions and several projects will be presented.

The International Arctic Forum film screening will open with a presentation of the Unknown Arctic Heroes International Arctic Project: ‘Nikolai Evegenov’. The project tells the story of the development of the Russian North and the Northern Sea Route. Viewers will have a chance to learn about a man whose name is on the map of Russia, but whom the general public knows very little about. The project utilized documents, photographs, and film materials from Russian archives and private collections. The presentation will include a creative meeting with the project’s artistic director, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation Alla Surikova, and the project’s author and producer, film director and member of the Russian Union of Cinematographers Boris Dvorkin.

Forum participants will be given the opportunity to watch two films — the prize-winner of the 2nd Arctic Countries Film Festival ARCTIC OPEN, which was held in Arkhangelsk in December 2018: the documentary film ‘The Great Northern Route’ (directed by Leonid Kruglov) and the feature film ‘The Lord Eagle’ (director Eduard Novikov). The films will be shown by the directors themselves. After the showings, viewers will be able to discuss the films together with the directors.

Another film that has won numerous awards at Russian and international competitions and festivals is the documentary film ‘Post Horse’. The film tells the story of seven-year-old Lekha who lives in a remote coastal village on the Onega shore of the White Sea​​. He rides a post horse with his parents and writes songs about his difficult life.

The documentary film programme includes the showing of director Alexey Vakhrushev’s film «The Tundra Book: A Tale of Vukvukai, The Little Rock». It’s a story about the mighty and wise old man Vukvukai, a real man of the tundra, who constantly lives among deer. For 72 years now, he has been living deep within the Chaunskaya tundra of the Chukotka Peninsula.

Viewers of the documentary film ‘The Sun behind the Arctic Circle’, directed by Alexander Terekhin and Alexander Volkovitsky, will have a chance to learn about the everyday lives of a nursery school at a camp of reindeer herders in the Yamal Peninsula as well as the lives of two anthropologists who lived with a Nenets family for a year.

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