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Need to tighten environmental policy to be discussed at Sochi forum

5 February 2019
В Сочи обсудят необходимость ужесточения экологической политики

Improving the overall environmental situation in Russia will be the main topic of discussion at the business session ‘Ecology as a Measure of Quality of Life’, which is part of the business programme at the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi on 14 February.

The environmental situation must be improved in order to achieve the national goals of ensuring sustainable natural population growth and increasing life expectancy and quality of life. The objectives of the state environmental policy include reducing the negative impact on the environment and providing Russians with food grown in favourable environmental conditions. The session participants will discuss the effectiveness of state environmental policy measures in mitigating the negative impact on the environment and the need to tighten such policies.

«The smart use of natural resources based on clean technologies and restoration measures should above all else be the foundation for taking care of the environment and the country’s natural resources. The ambitious environmental goals outlined in the National Environment Project can only be met through joint efforts with an open and constructive dialogue between the federal and regional authorities, business, and the public», Russian Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Dmitry Kobylkin said.

Details of the business programme are available on the Forum’s official website. The Forum is being organized by the Roscongress Foundation.