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Medvedev: Russian Investment Forum in Sochi to focus on national projects

24 December 2018
Дмитрий Медведев: «Российский инвестиционный форум в Сочи будет посвящен реализации национальных проектов»

On 24 December, the Presidium of the Presidential Council on Strategic Development and National Projects met under the leadership of Dmitry Medvedev, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation. The meeting touched on the results of national development projects in 2018 and plans for further project implementation in 2019.

The Chairman of the Government noted that all national projects were to be refined at the regional level by the end of 2018, with specific measures identified to achieve the targets.

«We have already, in my opinion, developed clear and understandable targets for us to pursue. These include particular facilities: hospitals and schools built, roads repaired, new houses, new factories. And as far as social life and social infrastructure are concerned, then we are undoubtedly talking about the quality of education, health care, urban infrastructure itself, the environment, or in other words, what everyone comes into contact with,» Medvedev said.

The Prime Minister noted that there were plans to discuss the details of implementing national projects in the Russian regions with regional heads and experts from the business community during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

Medvedev went on to explain that the Government was planning in the near future to add 91 indicators of national projects to the Federal Statistical Work Plan, which would become objects of statistical accounting and be accessible to all.

«Our task is to ensure that the people of our country begin to feel real changes for the better next year, that already next year we witness positive changes in all 12 national projects, and that there is movement towards achieving national development goals,» he said.

Source: Government of the Russian Federation