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National Projects: from Strategy to Action

11 December 2018
Национальные проекты: от стратегии к действию

The Russian Investment Forum is to take place at the Main Media Centre in the Sochi Olympic Park on 14–15 February 2019. The Organizing Committee of the Russian Investment Forum approved the key topic ‘National Projects: from Strategy to Action’ and business programme of the event at the meeting on 10 December.

Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Chair of the Organizing Committee Dmitry Kozak noted the significance of the event and its importance for the Russian regions. «The forum coincides with the launch of national projects. The tasks are ambitious: with the implementation of national projects, GDP is expected to grow by 25%. This includes a boost in non-commodity exports, development of small and medium-sized businesses, and digitalisation of the economy», said Mr Kozak.

Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the Russian Investment Forum Anton Kobyakov noted: «The business programme turned out to be saturated and relevant. Putting it together a wide range of experts, potential investors, and business people have been involved. In the preparation of the programme, the emphasis was made on the development of national projects and programmes under the May Executive Orders of the President of the Russian Federation.»

The Day of Youth Entrepreneurship and the Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ will be held on the day before the business programme of the Russian Investment Forum, 13 February 2019. The two events are designed to become a core platform for searching and developing practical solutions for the implementation of national projects aimed at increasing the healthy life expectancy of Russian citizens.

An exhibition of Russian regional investment projects and companies will also take place at the site of the Russian Investment Forum. The venue will host a case area, a specialised communication platform where participants are to present their projects to leading investment experts.

The programme is posted on the official website of the Russian Investment Forum.