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Chelyabinsk Region to Share Russia’s Unique Practice of Dealing With Crises in Heat Supply at Russian Energy Week

3 October 2018
Уникальной практикой по выходу из кризиса в теплоснабжении поделится Челябинская область

Chelyabinsk Region Governor Boris Dubrovsky has given instructions to send a delegation from the South Urals headed by Deputy Governor Sergei Shal to take part in the Russian Energy Week International Forum in Moscow on 3–5 October.

«Participating in industry forums makes it possible to get a more detailed understanding of current issues and develop effective solutions when holding discussions with colleagues from other regions and countries. The Chelyabinsk Region has successful experience implementing projects involving heat supply, which we will present to the participants in the Russian Energy Week forum. Taking part in international forums is beneficial for the Chelyabinsk Region, which will host SCO and BRICS summits in 2020», Dubrovsky said.

Russian Energy Week will include the panel session ‘Increasing Efficiency in Municipal Heat Supplies’ during which Shal will present a report and share the Chelyabinsk Region government’s experience in replacing the energy campaign in the heat supply industry. As an example, the deputy governor will present a situation where power generation company OGK-2, which owns the Troitskaya State District Power Plant, notified the Chelyabinsk Region government in 2016 about the stoppage of heat supplies to the city of Troitsk by the beginning of 2018. A working group was formed to look for an optimal solution to the crisis involving heat supply to the municipality. The region’s leaders held talks with the Russian Fund for the Support of Housing and Utility Service Reform. As a result, the decision was made to have an investor build a new boiler house as part of a public-private partnership with the Fund’s assistance, which was a unique project for Russia. The construction of the new boiler house was completed this year and will be fully operational during the 20182019 heating season.

Shal will also talk about utilizing such a tool as ‘Heat Supply Schemes’, which consists of annual work to renovate the existing heat supply schemes of each settlement. A document was drafted for each settlement of the Chelyabinsk Region in 20112013 in accordance with federal legislation. It not only specifies the location of networks, but also technical parameters such as the volume of heat supply and the effective radius of heat supply. Its introduction will make it possible to see the prospects for developing heat supply to a settlement and plan work for a longer period. The region’s Ministry of Tariff Regulation has begun using the data given in the existing schemes to set tariffs for heat supply to populated areas in the future. This has made the annual updating an absolute must.

The Russian Energy Week International Forum is a landmark industry event that shapes the development trends in the fuel and energy sector. The Forum will include a discussion of topical issues related to infrastructural development to improve economic growth and the living standards of citizens, the All-Russian Conference on Preparations by Electric Power Organizations for the Autumn/Winter Period 2018–2019, the Fourth Russian MediaTEK Competition for the Media and Press Offices of Energy Companies and Regional Governments, roundtables, and panel sessions.

The forum
serves as a platform for a discussion of the main challenges facing the
economy’s energy sector and current problems with the development of the power
industry, gas and oil industries, energy conservation, and energy efficiency.