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Scientific Programme of the International Russian–Japanese Conference

10 September 2018
Научная программа международной российско-японской конференции

In the course of the International Conference held on 10 September 2018 as part of EEF 2018, during the Section on the history and modern Russian—Japanese relations, leading specialists noted that, despite a number of historical problems in the relations between Russia and Japan, today’s high-level political dialogue between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe allows to develop cooperation in the energy sector, reclaiming of natural resources and development of transportation and logistics routes.

Speakers reported that the humanitarian exchange between Russia and Japan remains at a rather low level counting no more than 80,000 to 110,000 people a year. At the same time, people of the Russian Far East are highly interested in development of economic and cultural ties with Japan.

Japan currently accounts for 3.0% of Russia’s foreign economic activity, and Japan’s investment in Russia is less than 1.0% of all accumulated foreign investment. Russia is in the 16th place in terms of trade volume with Japan, which accounts for about 1.5%. Energy cooperation between the countries is at 6–10%, experts say.