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EEF 2018 hosts Olympic patrol and children’s master classes

10 September 2018
«Олимпийский патруль» и мастер-классы для детворы Приморья прошли на ВЭФ-2018

Legendary athletes held a series of events for children of the Primorye Territory as part of the Eastern Economic Forum’s sporting programme.

The winners of the 2012 Olympics in judo Tagir Khaybulayev, Mansur Isayev, and Arsen Galstyan as well as medallists from the Olympic Games in judo Ivan Nifontov and Tamerlan Tmenov conducted a sports and educational lesson called Olympic Patrol, a project of the Russian Olympic Committee, at Ocean children’s centre. Roughly one thousand boys and girls took part in the master class, exercises, and discussions about life values that are not only relevant in sports, and, of course, they took selfies with the famous athletes.

«Leave your comfort zone as much as possible. Create conditions for yourself that make you as uncomfortable as possible. Always choose rivals that are stronger than you. You learn from the ones who are stronger and strive to achieve more. This is the only way to move forward and achieve success», Tagir Khaybulayev said. «At the same time, you must not forget about respecting your opponent. This is the basic principle in judo. Sport means respect for all despite the country or skin colour. It is essential that everyone involved in sports understands what friendship and respect are above all else», Arsen Galstyan said. The Olympic Patrol was held at the Eastern Economic Forum for the second time and became one of the formats for cooperation between the Russian Olympic Committee and the Roscongress Foundation.

Tagir Khaybulayev, Mansur Isayev, and Arsen Galstyan also held a master class for young judo students from the Primorye Territory in Vladivostok as part of the second International Jigoro Kano Junior (U18) Judo Tournament under the Auspices of President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister of Japan Shinzō Abe, which will be held on 12 September. Japanese judo masters had previously conducted master classes at the International Judo Club at Far Eastern Federal University during preparations for the tournament.

Three-time Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling and Hero of Russia Alexander Karelin founded the tradition of conducting master classes and other sports events for local children at the Eastern Economic Forum three years ago. This year, on 11 September, he will also take part in the opening of a new wrestling hall in Nakhodka and give a lesson to his first students.