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First meeting of the Y Club held in Moscow

22 December 2022
В Москве состоялось первое заседание бизнес-клуба Y Club

The first meeting of the Y Club — a community of young entrepreneurs eager to take their businesses to the next level, coalesce talent and shape the development of the business environment — has taken place in Moscow with the participation of Alexander Stuglev, Chairman of the Board and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation. The project is being implemented by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects in partnership with the Roscongress Foundation.

The goal of the business club is to create a leading platform for communication and cooperation between young entrepreneurs eager to develop not just their own businesses but the world around them and, through their joint efforts, to shape the development of business in the country.

«Well done for not being afraid to do business in such difficult times. For an entrepreneur, self-awareness and the courage to move forward and lead others is key. This is a time of business opportunities, with a huge number of niches opening up. Make the most of it and don’t waste time. I invite you to participate in the work of the Roscongress Foundation’s business platforms. I’m confident this will help you to identify new ideas and partners and to continue developing existing projects,» Alexander Stuglev noted during the meeting of the business club.

Y Club is Russia’s only business club for young people, whose members will be able to shape business climate indicators. The administrative barriers discussed at the club will be taken into consideration when the annual National Investment Climate Ranking of the Russian Federation is compiled by the Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects.

The Y Club will be scheduling regular meetings whose format will be based on group work with experts from the club’s partners, aimed at working out and identifying solutions to pressing issues in residents’ businesses. Strategic sessions will also be held and will include a discussion of problem areas of business jointly with the club’s residents and with an expert network of partners, a search for solutions to problems identified in residents’ businesses, and the sharing of experiences between those attending the strategic sessions.

The community is open to young people aged between 20 and 28 who own businesses with an annual turnover exceeding RUB 10 million or an annual net profit exceeding RUB 1.5 million or who are senior executives with over 3 years’ business management experience and an annual company turnover exceeding RUB 500 million.