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Russian Business Unites to Support Conscripts and Their Families as Part of #WeAreTogether Campaign

26 October 2022
Российский бизнес объединился в поддержку мобилизованных и их семей в рамках акции #МЫВМЕСТЕ

Leaders of the Russian business community have signed the Declaration of Solidarity of Russian Business as part of the nationwide #WeAreTogether campaign. The Business Russia All Russia Public Organization, the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the OPORA RUSSIA All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business, and the Association of Managers of Russia are joining forces with informational support from the Roscongress Foundation to support social stability and help solve urgent problems faced by Russian society.

The main goal of the alliance of Russian business organizations is to preserve the workforce and jobs, provide support to conscripted workers and their families, and ensure the proper quality of products and services. Their joint efforts aim to maintain a specific level of material security for conscripted employees and their families.

“Russian entrepreneurs, who are currently involved in solving extremely difficult problems with maintaining production, jobs, and workforces, take responsibility for preserving and developing the country’s economic potential and its social climate. Business is showing its solidarity with the state and civil society, is joining forces in an effort to prevent the growth of social setbacks, is supporting employees and their families in difficult life situations, is providing the necessary assistance to conscripts and their family members, is taking part in the initiatives of the national #WeAreTogether project within its capabilities, and is responding to the current challenges with joint coordinated actions,” Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs President Alexander Shokhin said.

“Our business always helps those in need. Before the pandemic, at its peak, and from the first days of the special military operation. Some entrepreneurs do not hide the scope of their work, while others strongly ask not to mention them. This Declaration is evidence of our readiness to publicly confirm that the work that we and the member companies of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry have performed will not cease,” Russian Chamber of Commerce and Industry President Sergey Katyrin said.

The Declaration is also an act of solidarity between Russian business and the state and civil society.

“Russian business is fully aware of its responsibility to the country’s socioeconomic development. The adoption of this Declaration was the result of the desire of entrepreneurs to show that we are ready to make every effort to maintain the stability of the Russian economy and provide material and social support to our teams, conscripted workers, and their families,” Business Russia All Russia Public Organization Chairman Alexey Repik said.

The parties to the Declaration will serve as partners of the #WeAreTogether national mutual assistance project, which currently specializes in supporting conscripts and their families. Russian business will be able to support the project’s initiatives, including the guardianship of the relatives of conscripts, the provision of psychological and legal services, and humanitarian assistance.

“Representatives of the Russian business community will establish a unified coordinating centre to implement all the support measures as part of the #WeAreTogether campaign,” OPORA RUSSIA All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium Business President Alexander Kalinin said.

“Right now, just like two years ago during the pandemic, the #WeAreTogether nationwide movement has brought together non-profit organizations, businesses, and volunteers for the common goal of helping conscripts and their families. We are already actively providing psychological and legal support, helping with everyday life, and taking care of hundreds of families. There are many requests, and Russian business can provide enormous support here. Companies will provide targeted social support to their employees, take part in collecting humanitarian supplies, and provide families with long-term support. During the pandemic, we collected more than 30,000 tonnes of goods as aid and raised more than RUB 2 billion. I am certain that we will overcome any challenges together now. Thank you to all the organizations that have responded and bonded together for the sake of a common cause,” said Artyom Metelev, Chairman of the State Duma’s Committee on Youth Policy and Director of the Association of Volunteer Centres and the DOBRO.RF platform.

“All kinds of assistance are being considered for these categories of citizens, including social benefits, psychological and domestic assistance by corporate volunteers, high-quality medical care, assistance in obtaining education, and opportunities for family recreation and cultural leisure,” Association of Managers Executive Director Vyacheslav Yevseyev said.

National, regional, and industry-based associations of entrepreneurs and employers, as well as Russian companies can join the Declaration by filling out a form here.

Text of the Declaration:


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