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The 7th International Conference on Quantum Technology (ICQT) to be held in 2023

20 September 2022
VII Международная конференция по квантовым технологиям (ICQT) состоится в 2023 году

The 7th International Conference on Quantum Technology, ICQT 2023, is set to be held in July 2023 at the World Trade Centre in Moscow. ICQT is one of the most prestigious research events in the quantum technology field. From 2011 onwards, every other year, the conference has brought together academics from the world’s leading universities and research centres, experts and businesspeople working on the creation and rollout of quantum technology-based solutions.

The conference will form part of the Decade of Science and Technology in the Russian Federation which Russian President Vladimir Putin decreed would commence from 2022. The event’s organizers are the Russian Quantum Centre (RQC), the Rosatom State Corporation’s quantum technology division and the Roscongress Foundation. The event will focus on quantum technology and present the latest achievements in the development and application of commercial products.

«The development of quantum technology holds great promise for resolving strategic government objectives in the fields of data protection, health and the development of all areas of national security technology. We’re approaching a time when quantum technology is evolving from the realms of abstract science and fantasy into tangible products and services. It’s now becoming extremely important for us to acquaint the public with this technology, to engage investors in dialogue and to roll out projects that allow its widespread application,» emphasized Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation.

A plan for the development of quantum computing was approved in Russia in 2019, and 2022 saw one of the first results of the implementation of the roadmap — the creation of a prototype 4-qubit ion quantum processor. Continued development of this project will allow Russia to achieve quantum supremacy — the ability to solve problems that classic computers cannot. The creation of a fully-functional computer will lead to a huge increase in productivity in those scientific fields where simultaneous calculations have to be carried out involving huge amounts of data. Quantum technology is designed to provide Russia with technological independence and leadership through potential scientific breakthroughs in logistics, data protection, chemistry, pharmacology and other fields requiring complex parallel computations. The result embedded in the roadmap is not limited to the creation solely of prototype quantum processors and specialized software, but envisages the creation of a fully-fledged Russian industry and its integration into the global community.

«Over the 11 years that it has been running, the conference has become an event eagerly anticipated not only by Russian academics and entrepreneurs but also by representatives of the global science and technology community — many global achievements in the quantum technology field have been announced at the ICQT. These days, it isn’t just a scientific event but a platform at which scientists and business can come together, and it’s a key tool in bringing quantum technology to a wider audience,» noted Ruslan Yunusov, Head of Project Office for Quantum Technologies, ROSATOM.

The conference programme comprises two parts: a closed high-level scientific programme from the world’s leading technology universities and research centres, and an Open Day with public presentations by industry leaders, a panel discussion and an exhibition area. With this format, the conference will cover all areas of quantum technology development: from the latest scientific achievements and presentations of commercial products using quantum effects to a discussion of the investment market.