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Roscongress Foundation debuts new services for participants at EEF

14 September 2022
Впервые на ВЭФ: новые сервисы Фонда Росконгресс для участников

The 7th Eastern Economic Forum hosted over 7,000 participants and media representatives from 68 countries and territories, including Russia, of whom around 1,700 were executives representing 700 companies. The information hotline for EEF participants operates on a year-round basis and receives up to 400 calls a day during peak periods. During the Forum, from 5–8 September, the hotline received over 4,000 calls from all over the world. Its operators handled questions in time zones from Moscow (UTC+3) to Vladivostok (UTC+10). Language support was provided during the preparations for and holding of the Forum in three languages: Russian, English and — for the first time — Chinese. The increased focus on Chinese has been driven by Russia’s enhanced cooperation with leading partner countries in the AsiaPacific region, and with ASEAN — the key integration group of emerging countries in SouthEast Asia.

New artificial intelligence tools — a telegram-bot and a chatbot on the Forum’s official website — were introduced at EEF 2022 to relieve the burden on the hotline. Participants were able to receive information in Russian and English on a round-the-clock basis. The artificial intelligence service handled 6,917 queries during its operation.

In support of the International Tiger Forum, held on the opening day of EEF, participants and guests of the Forum had the opportunity to take pictures at the Find the Tiger and the Take a Walk with the Amur Tiger MARMA AR photo zones. The AR platform supplemented the familiar physical world with digital 3D models in real time. The technology brought the photo zones to life and allowed guests to come face to face with the Amur tiger in its natural habitat or to take a walk with the world’s biggest cat. The Vladivostok photo zone, with its AR elements, immersed visitors in the natural landscape of the Primorye Territory’s capital. The MARMA AR service’s photo zones showcased unique footage and state-of-the-art technology. Using its interactive approach, AR technology opens up new opportunities for promoting services in any area of business.

The Forum also saw the introduction of a networking service to enable participants to find reliable partners. The effective algorithm helps companies find new partners and promote their products in new markets. It is underpinned by the Roscongress Foundation’s vast experience as an organizer of large-scale events for Russian and foreign business. Specialists create databases tailored to clients’ specific interests, and help them prepare for upcoming negotiations, taking into account the specific nature of their industry, geography and the mindset of potential partners.

The services and opportunities for Forum participants were made available by the Roscongress Foundation with support from the Interregional contact center.