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Vladimir Putin Noted Powerful Ideas for a New Era Project at EEF

8 September 2022
Владимир Путин отметил на ВЭФ проект форума «Сильные идеи для нового времени» по инвестированию в карьеру человека

At the plenary session of the Eastern Economic Forum (EEF 2022), President Vladimir Putin announced that the Earning Money Together project will be launched in Sakhalin Region in a pilot format with the support of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI).

“I would like to note that the Far Eastern regions offer their own professional development initiatives. For example, the Agency for Strategic Initiatives in the Sakhalin Region supports a pilot project called Earning Money Together. Participants in the project will be able to undergo free additional training, receive career guidance and get help with starting a business. Based on the outcome of these pilot projects we will think about scaling up,” said the Russian President.

The Earning Money Together project is a finalist in the Powerful Ideas for a New Era Forum organized by the ASI and the Roscongress Foundation. Its goal is to create the country’s first unique platform for return on investment in career building. The main mechanism will be a ‘get services now and pay later’ model: by sharing part of their future income, a person will not have to make an upfront payment for training.  The project is implemented by the ASI together with the Agency for Development of Skills and Professions, Sakhalin Region Government with the support of the Russian Ministry of Labour.

Robert Urazov, Director of the ASI Human Resources Division and General Director of the Skills and Professional Development Agency, said that the Earning Money Together project makes it possible not to redistribute human resources, but to build them up.

“For citizens participating in the programme, the result is not a diploma or a job guarantee, but an increase in income. This is the parameter that is fixed in the contract at the start of training. In addition, the project engages new actors and extra-budgetary funds in the field of training. This implies a new degree of responsibility for all participants in our country: the job seeker, educational institutions, the employer, and the investor. We are certain that the future of further professional training lies in such formats, and not only in the Far East. A career development contract is a new type of contract,” explained Robert Urazov.

As Vyacheslav Alenkov, Deputy Governor of Sakhalin Region, noted earlier, the Region is facing the task of creating dozens of new high-tech jobs in the coming years, so it is now important to both train personnel and motivate them to stay in their region. “Implementation of the project is a serious mechanism for involving both business and citizens, who are ready to develop, in this process,” emphasized Vyacheslav Alenkov.

In addition, the ASI and its partners are now forming a group of regions that can participate in the project with the support of the Russian Ministry of Labour.

“Employment services across the country as a whole are now focusing on an individual approach to each job seeker’s career. We are actively building up the range of tools available to job seekers. The pilot project Earning Money Together, along with the Masters’ Country, a comprehensive approach to career support, is one such undertaking. Based on the results of these pilots, we will start to spread the best practices and experiences nationwide,” said Elena Mukhtiarova, Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Russia.