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Awards Ceremony for the Winners of the 15th My Country – My Russia National Contest

26 May 2018
Церемония награждения победителей XV юбилейного всероссийского конкурса «Моя страна — моя Россия»


Popularity and importance of the My country – My Russia Contest continue to grow

“The competition is known throughout the country, and in the last 15 years more than 47 thousand young people from every region have taken part. This year there have been 7 thousand participants, and the same number of mentors and teachers have been there to train them.” – Larisa Pastukhova, Project Manager, My country – My Russia Educational Youth Project Competition.

“The competition is important not only to those who won. It’s important for the whole country. [...] An event like this is not only an opportunity to show off talents and express ideas. The competition also contributes to the cohesion of the Russian nation.” – Magomedsalam Magomedov, Deputy Chief of Staff, Administration of the President of the Russian Federation.

The competition helps create a future for the country 

“It is generally accepted that SPIEF is a platform for established businessmen. We are certain that those who are present today as guests, laureates, and nominees, will participate fully in the future.” – Armen Khachatrian, Deputy Director of the Roscongress Foundation.

“Everything that awaits us in the future will be built on the foundation of your talents. We are counting on you; you are our intellectual Tactical Assault Group.” – Andrey Rutskoi, Rector at the St. Petersburg State Institute of Technology.

“Talented people are our competitive advantage. After seeing the work of the contestants here, I am convinced that the future of the country is in reliable hands.” – Andrey Chibis, Deputy Minister of Construction, Housing and Utilities of the Russian Federation.

“By improving the transport system and logistics, today’s generation of youth will improve quality of life, accelerate the economic integration of states, and bring entire nations closer together.” – Alexander Panychev, Rector at the Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State Transport University.

Competition is a kind of relay race between generations 

“15 years ago we had a team that began to engage in social projects. Because the criteria incorporated into project evaluation are ideas that change the space around a person. The vast majority of projects from recent years have been implemented.” – Lyubov Dukhanina, Chairman of Russian Society Znanie.

“You are correctly following the pedagogical path of knowledge transfer. Teaching people to live in the future is the most difficult task of all, and you are successfully coping with it.” – Grigory Ivliev, Head of the Federal Service for Intellectual Property.

«It was very difficult for the expert community to choose winners. Those we have chosen to go on stage today should know that we have chosen them with our hearts and have chosen professionally. You are our country’s pedagogical team.” – Svetlana Ivanova, Director of the Institute for Strategy of Education Development of the Russian Academy of Education.

The My country – My Russia Contest contributes to regional development

“These are not just regional practices. These are small things that make our country bigger. These are people from small towns and projects aimed at improving the environment in which people live.” – Alexander Bugaev, Head of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs.

“The projects that have been chosen here prove that young people are not indifferent, and their work is aimed at improving the life that surrounds them.” – Vladimir Miklushevsky, Rector at the Moscow Polytechnical University.

“We will help with the projects and support them locally. Thanks to you, housing and utilities are changing, and your cities are changing.” – Alexander Kozlov, Head of the Federal Project ‘Competent Consumer School’, Coordinator of ‘My City’ and ‘My Home’ nominations.

“We must always strive towards a new quality of life in Russian villages. And you, the participants, are actively working on this” – Andrei Maksimov, Chairman of the Commission for Territorial Development and Local Self-Government, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.

“There is potential in each of the projects, and the scope of your action will impact the quality of life in your regions. It is my wish for you that your projects become financially sustainable.” – Yulia Zhigulina. Managing Director, Our Future Foundation.


Entrepreneurship focused on solving social issues is not profitable

“The creative industry possesses a business component along with creativity and intellectual capacity. This is primarily true of youth. And it is true of those who are focused on implementation of projects in those places and regions where they were born, and those who feel responsibility for creating a comfortable environment in their own city or region.” – Irina Arzhanova, Executive Director of the National Training Foundation.

Compatriots living abroad cannot take part in the competition 

“The competition must reach beyond the borders of our country and become international. A large number of our compatriots living abroad also see Russia as their home.” – Viktor Basyuk, Deputy Chairman of the Russian Academy of Education.


Contest winners support the principle of equal opportunity, setting an example 

“With regard to coworking, we usually talk about commercial stories of some kind, but the winner of the My Open Universities award not only came up with and created a special space where educational projects are created, but also implemented them for adults and children with special health requirements.” – Lyubov Dukhanina.

“The Russia is a Country of Opportunities Project has already been established, and I think that with your 15-year history you can join this platform.” – Elena Ulyanova, President of the Rybakov Foundation.

The Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation proposes inviting citizens from CIS countries to the competition

“We are ready to support this competition in the CIS. I think that this idea will be popular with our compatriots, who in the future will want to move to Russia.” – Eleonora Mitrofanova, Head of the Federal Agency for CIS Affairs, Compatriots Living Abroad, and International Humanitarian Cooperation (Rossotrudnichestvo).

More detailed information is available on the website of the Roscongress Foundation information and analytical system