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7th Eastern Economic Forum Releases Expanded Business Programme

19 August 2022
Опубликована расширенная деловая программа VII Восточного экономического форума

The Eastern Economic Forum (EEF), which will take place on 58 September in Vladivostok, has posted the event’s expanded business programme on its official website. The main theme of the Forum this year is ‘The Path to a Multipolar World’.

“The Eastern Economic Forum has become one of the key tools for the development of the Russian Far East, a “calling card” of the macro-region. Each year at the Forum, decisions are taken that are of great significance both for Russia and for the Asia-Pacific countries, new development tools are formulated and landmark investment contracts are concluded. I’m confident that the 7th Eastern Economic Forum will become a high spot in the history of the development of the Far Eastern territories and contribute to their all-round development,” said Yury Trutnev, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Presidential Plenipotentiary Envoy to the Far Eastern Federal District and Chairman of the EEF Organizing Committee.

“The business programme of the Eastern Economic Forum was put together taking into account the changes in the global economic arena. This year, much attention will be devoted to new economic models, supply chains, the future of various sectors of the economy, and financial models. All of this, of course, attracts both those who have been doing business in the Far East for a long time as well as potential investors in the region. I am certain that the discussions held at the Forum will contribute to the development of the Far Eastern Federal District and will mark the start of some new promising projects,” said Anton Kobyakov, Adviser to the Russian President and Executive Secretary of the EEF 2022 Organizing Committee.

The EEF 2022 business programme is divided into six thematic pillars: ‘Russia’s Place in the World: Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure’, ‘The Global Division of Labour: From Old Connections to New’, ‘Financial Markets: What Holds Value When There Is a Loss of Confidence’, ‘Everyone Has Their Own Route: The Logistics of a Changed World’, ‘Creating a New Quality of Life for People’, and ‘Patriotism over Tolerance’. The plenary session will be the cornerstone event of the Forum programme.

As part of the pillar ‘Russia’s Place in the World: Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure’, sessions will be held on the future of international relations, the economy, investment, industry, and other areas. Special attention will be paid to import substitution and its prospects. The programme includes the business dialogues RussiaIndia, RussiaVietnam, and RussiaASEAN, as well as a meeting of the Business Council for the Development of the Far East of the Russian Federation and the North-Eastern Provinces of the People’s Republic of China and a meeting of the Arctic Economic Council. A session of the Valdai International Discussion Club will also take place as part of this pillar.

The events within the pillar ‘The Global Division of Labour: From Old Connections to New’ will include discussions about the future of individual sectors of the economy: aircraft and ship building, oil and gas processing, construction, the automotive industry, agriculture, fisheries, mariculture, the pharmaceutical industry, and more. In addition, there will be sessions devoted to the development of efficient energy, the environment, food diplomacy, the climate agenda, and other issues. The Forum participants will also discuss one of the strategic focuses of state policy: the development of domestic and inbound tourism.

Discussions in the business programme pillar ‘Financial Markets: What Holds Value When There Is a Loss of Confidence’ will be dedicated to the banking sector, digital finance, and the balance of global currencies in the new conditions where contradictions around the world are intensifying. Special attention will be paid to the initial results and prospects of the Far Eastern Concession. The participants will also discuss regional anti-crisis measures to stabilize the socioeconomic situation in Russia’s regions.

The ‘Everyone Has Their Own Route: The Logistics of a Changed World’ pillar will feature discussions about the Baikal-Amur Mainline and the Trans-Siberian Railway, the new supply system, the Northern Sea Route, airport infrastructure in the Far East and the Arctic, and the struggle for aviation accessibility. A discussion about the seamless transport and logistics space of Greater Eurasia will also be a special focus of this section.

The sessions in the pillar ‘Creating a New Quality of Life for People’ will focus on issues concerning education, healthcare, sports, and culture. The participants in this pillar’s sessions will discuss the integrated development of Far Eastern cities, the construction sector, as well as the life of Indigenous peoples who inhabit the regions of the Far East and how to return Russian authors to the bookshelves. The programme will also include a discussion about the results of the first five years of the Far Eastern Hectare programme.

In addition, a meeting of the Supreme Mining Council will be held on the sidelines of the EEF, during which it will consider challenges facing the mining industry in terms of strategic focuses for the socioeconomic development of the Far East and the Arctic, ways to ensure rapid staffing in the region, the development of the offshore mining industry, and prospects for mineral resource cluster enterprises of the Far East region in the current conditions.

Finally, the ‘Patriotism over Tolerance’ pillar of the EEF 2022 business programme will bring together talented young people, including university students and even schoolchildren. The participants in this pillar’s sessions will discuss the future of Russia, the development of youth environmental initiatives, and the mass training of personnel to master new skills for the development of the country’s future economy.

The 2nd International Tiger Forum will be held on 5 September, the first day of the EEF 2022. The main goal of the Forum is to draw the international community’s attention to the problem of tiger conservation and to help search for ideas and solutions to financial and technical issues related to solving this problem.

In addition to the business programme, EEF 2022 guests will experience the traditional extensive and entertaining cultural and sports programme. For the first time, the Forum will host the Vladivostok Seasons Festival of Culture. The cultural marathon will include dozens of events and remind the world of the humanitarian role that art and culture play. The Vladivostok Seasons Festival of Culture will feature leading Russian cultural institutions, performers, and creative teams.

The Far East Street exhibition will also be open throughout the Forum on the embankment of Ajax Bay on Russky Island. Visitors will have a chance to view 11 pavilions that symbolize the distinctive regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

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