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Transbaikal Territory to Showcase its Natural Beauty at Far East Street

18 August 2022
Забайкальский край покажет природные красоты на «Улице Дальнего Востока»

The Transbaikal Territory is set to be an exhibitor at the ‘Far East Street’ exhibition, scheduled to open on 5 September in Vladivostok. The region will showcase its cultural and natural treasures, along with its huge investment potential.

The exhibition will reveal the unique bounty of the Transbaikal Territory. The architecture of the region’s pavilion will resemble the Kodar mountain range — one of the best-known natural symbols of the Territory and an important source of valuable resources. The exhibition will showcase the diversity of natural wonders and cultural sites with the help of abstract paintings embellishing the stylized mountain range.

Visitors will be able to appreciate the combination of natural elements and state-of-the-art technology facilitating the efficient and careful development of resources. Inside the pavilion, they will have the chance to «look deep» into the rich subsoil. Media installations on widescreen seamless pillar screens will provide guests with an immersive experience.

Visitors to the exhibition will learn about the investment potential of the Transbaikal Territory, rich in the natural resources used by the hi-tech industry. The region ranks third in the world for copper reserves; it is home to Russia’s largest copper deposit — Udokanskoe, and to its largest uranium deposit — Krasnokamenskoe. The Transbaikal Territory is a hub for economic cooperation with the world’s largest economy. Up to 65% of all overland trade with China passes through the checkpoint at Zabaykalsk, which has extensive cross-border infrastructure and offers some of the lowest shipping costs.

The Transbaikal Territory is a region of agricultural development. It is home to the Far East’s largest producer and exporter of rapeseed — the Komsomolets breeding plant — and is preparing to open the world’s first specialized full-service rail grain terminal, at Zabaykalsk — Manzhouli. The project will remove the infrastructure restrictions on access by domestic, predominantly Far Eastern and Siberian producers and exporters, to the world’s largest market, China, and will promote growth in production in the regions of the Far Eastern Federal District.

Visitors to the exhibition will learn about opportunities for tourism in the Transbaikal Territory — an area of top priority for the development of the region.

«The region spans an area of over 430,000 square kilometres, which is comparable to twenty average regions in the European part of Russia, or ten Moscow Regions. The natural beauty, the opportunities for hunting and fishing, the unique monuments and historical sites, including the supposed birthplace of Genghis Khan on the Onon River, the Heetei caves, the Chara Sands, the Kodar Mountains, the various nature reserves, the Ivan-Arakhley lake system, the untouched cedar forests of the Krasnochikoysky District, the Alkhanay National Park, Russia’s oldest Buddhist monasteries, including the 220-year-old Tsugol Datsan and the 210-year-old Aginsky Datsan, the places where the Decembrists stayed — all this potential will be unlocked for tourists. I invite all those living in the Far East and guests of the Eastern Economic Forum to visit our unique places!» Alexander Osipov, Governor of Transbaikal Territory, said.

«Far East Street» exhibition will be open to visitors and participants of the 7th Eastern Economic Forum on the quay of the Ajax Bay at the campus territory of the Far Eastern Federal University (FEFU) from 5 to 8 September. After the end of the Forum its work will last until 11 September. Entrance for residents and guests of Vladivostok and other cities is free. The Roscongress Foundation is the organizer.

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