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Roscongress Foundation Took Part in Developing a Roadmap for the Exhibtion Industry Until 2025

25 July 2022
Фонд Росконгресс принял участие в формировании «дорожной карты» развития выставочно-ярмарочной деятельности до 2025 года

Prime Minister of the Government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Mishustin has signed the decree number 1957-r dated 16 July 16 2022 ‘On the approval of the road map for the development of exhibition and trade fair activity until 2025’. Its main goal is to restore the industry's development potential after the abolition of coronavirus restrictions. The road map contains 15 events which will be carried out from 2022 to 2025. The specialists of the Roscongress Foundation took part in the development of the document.

“The experience of the Roscongress Foundation staff in various areas of preparation for the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, the Eastern Economic Forum, and other major business events in Russia allowed us to supplement the road map. We have provided a set of measures for high-quality and well-thought-out preparation of mass congress and exhibition events at all stages. I am sure that if this document is used wisely, creating events at various levels will become easier, and the work of industry professionals will become more effective,” said Alexander Stuglev, Chairman and CEO of the Roscongress Foundation.

A special place in the road map is occupied by proposals on the expediency and possible forms of introduction of personalized cards for foreign participants of events held in the Russian Federation. In 2022, the Foundation's experts developed a system that was successfully used at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, both of which were held in June. It introduced a new type of document confirming the right of an accredited event participant to obtain a Russian visa, board a plane, and enter the country.  

The expected result will be simplification in regards to customs procedures, visa processing, and other activities organized for the foreign exhibitors in order to increase the attractiveness of exhibition and congress events held in the Russian Federation.

Additionally, the road map focused on the creation and development of modern exhibition and congress infrastructure, required to hold the events at the highest levels, including international ceremonial and protocol events, as well as events aiming to promote the image of the Russian Federation in the international arena. Also under consideration are options for organizing statistical monitoring of the exhbition industry, including the development of appropriate methodology.

By the end of 2022 there will be an assessment of the current legislation in the industry. Thus, it will be decided if developing a separate federal law for this sphere of activity is required. It is supposed that till the end of October this year the Government will approve the Strategy of the development of the exhibition and fair industry till 2030.