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SPIEF 2022 Leaders’ Gallery to Cover Heads of Governments Throughout Forum’s History

14 June 2022
«Галерея лидеров» на ПМЭФ-2022 напомнит, какие главы государств и правительств посетили Форум за всю его историю

In honor of the 25th anniversary of SPIEF a retrospective AR-installation will be presented: 73 portraits of heads of state and government participating in the Forum from 1997 to 2021.

18 portraits in the gallery contain augmented reality tags. When you move the camera to the portrait with the marker, an archive video of this participant’s speech at SPIEF will be played. Key quotes from leaders will allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of past Forums and trace what issues were of concern to the global community at different times.

The installation will also feature a timeline with the evolution of the SPIEF logo, which will clearly demonstrate both fidelity to the Forum’s traditions and attention to modern trends.

Leaders’ Gallery is located across the entrance to the Small Passage.

For reference: the first St. Petersburg Forum was held in 1997 in the Tavrichesky Palace, had a stylized image of the Bronze Horseman on its logo and was called PEF. Then it was attended by over 1.5 thousand people from 50 countries.

In 2019, SPIEF attracted a record number of participants: over 19,000 people from 145 countries.

Over the years, SPIEF has become a symbol of both the city, and the whole country. It has been recognized by the leaders of states and business elites as an influential platform for discussing key economic issues.

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