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5 October 2021

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30 October 2020
Remote Trading Activity in Russia under COVID-19: Regional Response to Pandemic Challenges and the Role of IT Segment

The Centre for Business Tendencies Studies of the Institute for Statistical Studies and Economics of Knowledge of the National Research University Higher School of Economics presents an information review reflecting the trends in changes in the activity of distance selling in the regions of the country, formed on the basis of the results of the Q2 of 2020 in the shock events caused by COVID-19.

26 August 2020
"Growing competition in the economy is the main message for the education system"

KPMG Mustread presents an interview with Andrey Sharonov, President of the Moscow School of Management Skolkovo, which reveals the role of business education in today’s rapidly changing world.

14 February 2018
Essential Eight Technologies: Internet of Things

The IoT is one of the biggest disruptors for companies across industries. As more devices connect to the internet and to one another, the IoT (Internet of Things) is moving beyond consumer devices to businesses of all kinds. The IoT creates opportunities for new products, services and business models. Boards should understand how this technology will impact their company’s strategy.

27 March 2020
Beyond banking: How banks can use ecosystems to win in the SME market

The work by the McKinsey & Company consultancy explores SME development, challenges faced by SMEs, and the process of building an effectual ecosystem which would help businesses meet the challenges and would, at the same time, be profitable for banks.