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The inflation trade

20 April 2021
Торговля инфляцией
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An article published on TradingView focuses on the fact that the world is on the verge of a significant increase in the prices of essential consumer goods and food. The author under the name MrRenev notes that in the near future the world will face an acute shortage of them.

The author gives a historical example of the rise in food prices in pre-war Germany. In conclusion, the author puts forward several ideas about possible investment options, in particular, he advises to accumulate consumer goods now, before prices rise, and also gives other advice.

Learn more on TradingView.

We also suggest that you read other materials posted in the special sections of the Roscongress Foundation Information and Analytical System: Trade policy and Consumer Sentiment about contemporary trade policy.

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4 September 2022
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27 March 2020
Technological Innovation, Supply Chain Trade and Workers in a Globalized World

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21 April 2020
Three Crisis Scenarios: A Forecast

The Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-term Forecasting (CMASF) has produced a study about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, the oil prices plunge, and the global cyclical crisis on the Russian economy.