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Patient-Oriented Innovation Forum Roadmap

9 October 2020

A roadmap with a list of changes needed to achieve the goal of rapid development of innovations in healthcare was prepared by the All-Russian Patient Union within the Patient-Oriented Innovation Forum.

In the course of the discussion, the most pressing issues were the criteria for evaluating innovative medicines and treatment methods and the mechanism for integrating innovations into the healthcare system.

The result of the public expert discussion was the formation of a road map with specific solutions to improve the availability of innovative medical technologies and medical products. In particular, decisions on the following aspects were presented:

· Expanding the participation of patients` organisations in decision-making processes affecting the development of the healthcare system.

· Development and production of domestic medical products.

· Registration of medical products, monitoring their effectiveness and safety.

· Approaches to the selection of strategies for submerging innovative medical technologies and therapy with innovative medical products in the healthcare system.

· Mechanisms for purchasing innovative medical products.

· Digital technologies in healthcare.

· Development of a system for remote provision of patients with medical products.

For more information about construction as a sector with a sizeable share in many economies, rising level of digitalization, and shifts in consumer sentiment in real estate, please see the Digitalization, Medicine, COVID-19 and Healthcare.

Anlytics on the topic

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16 October 2020
Russian automotive market. 2019 results and outlook

PwC experts provide in their key data characterizing the current state of the Russian automotive industry, as well as provide forecasts for its development. As one of the key trends, the process of digitalization of sales of passenger cars and related circumstances is considered in detail.

31 October 2019
Regulation on the Internet: Protection of the Personality or Limitation of Freedom

Freedom of access to information and the protection of users from «toxic» information on the Internet — where to draw a reasonable line? The article deals with the regulation of activities on the Internet. Analyzed the types of conflicts, their sources. Analyzed foreign experience of Internet regulation. It describes the problems with the regulation of the Internet in our country and suggests ways to solve them.

20 August 2020
Emerging Pathways towards a Post-COVID-19 Reset and Recovery

The World Economic Forum review dedicated to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the economy of the future, as well as to the factors that will play a key role in economic development after the pandemic.

8 May 2020
Coronavirus and FMCG trends in Russia: new reality and new opportunities

The publication by Nielsen describes the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on FMCG, provides relevant data on market trends and sales of main product categories, and outlines consumer behavior shifts across countries depending on the phase of the crisis.