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A pathway towards recovery and hope for ASEAN

17 September 2020
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A research of the ASEAN Business Club is dedicated to the measures that the Association needs to implement for the economic recovery during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. It describes the trends that have emerged during the pandemic in whole world and in ASEAN countries in particular, which influence the current economic development and will affect the economy and international trade in the future.

The measures taken by the states to improve the economic situation are facing three key problems: the second wave of coronavirus that restrains positive market expectations, the possible ineffectiveness of the state subsidies and the threat of a banking crisis.

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27 April 2020
An opportunity for tourism in the Russian Arctic

Tourism is one of the sectors most heavily affected by COVID-19. Experts believe that the industry will undergo significant restructuring, with travel abroad giving way to domestic tourism, and trips to places where people don’t gather in large numbers becoming more popular. According to Managing Director of the 21st Century Arctic International Union Valery Korovkin, current circumstances offer a chance to develop a new tourist destination. It is an area that has been discussed for a long time, but which little is currently being done to promote. Arctic tourism is a potentially highly profitable business from the perspective of federal and regional budgets, and has long been successfully exploited by other coastal nations.

29 April 2020
Aviation year zero – The future is reinvention

The study presents the expert opinion of specialists from Arthur D. Little on key modern challenges for aviation and promising areas of response to these challenges.

14 July 2020
Crisis Response

PwC’s research addresses the issues of business continuity and crisis management, as well as analyses the level of business continuity management system development in Russian companies.