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26 August 2020
ФИНАНСЫ И РАЗВИТИЕ, Июнь 2020 журнал МВФ
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The International Monetary Fund publishes the quarterly journal, which examines current topics related to the economic and political challenges of our time.

According to the IMF journal editor-in-chief Geeta Bhatt, this issue, planned five months ago, was supposed to be dedicated to political economy. But the events associated with the COVID-19 pandemic have transformed the agenda and showed that economic policy is influenced not only by purely economic changes, but also by social and political factors, including healthcare challenges. Thus, this issue presents materials, such as the article «How will the world change after COVID-19?», which examines political and economic issues from the point of view of the need to adapt to the changed conditions in the world after the pandemic.

The authors of articles published in this journal analyze policy decisions, economic support measures and financial risks through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on all spheres of society.

Many authors, for example in the article «Preparing for a world of Unknown», reflect on how the pandemic has already changed the world in which we live and what lies ahead, as well as what lessons can be learned from the current crisis to optimize future actions.

See other materials posted in special sections of the Roscongress COVID-19 Information and Analytical System and StayHomeEconomy , dedicated to the response to the coronavirus outbreak and possible ways to stabilize the economy in the pandemic.

Anlytics on the topic

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