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Sustainable development of the event industry: For whom and what for?

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18 May 2020
Устойчивое развитие событийной индустрии: для кого и зачем?
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R&C Market Research Company has published a new issue of the analytical magazine CongressTime which was added to R&C media products portfolio in 2020. This issue, titled «Sustainable development of the event industry: For whom and what for?», is the first issue of the magazine after redesign.

In this issue, the CongressTime team showed the multifaceted character of the event industry which encompasses far more than congresses, and told the readers about people who know how to organize events and love doing it. The redesigned version of the magazine includes new sections and columns and covers business activity in the event industry (citing specific business cases), the sector’s development outside capital cities, and the industry’s challenges and prospects in the current situation shaped by the pandemic and lockdowns. This issue also features expert opinions from industry representatives and other content prepared by event specialists.

See expert opinion from Alexander Stuglev, Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, The Roscongress Foundation, here.

For more information about policy responses to the coronavirus outbreak and possible ways to stabilize the economy during the pandemic, please see the COVID-19 and StayHomeEconomy special sections of the Roscongress information and analytical system, and the Events section about the current situation in the event industry.

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