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Initial coin offering

13 February 2018
Initial coin offering
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The volume of funds raised through the ICO is reaching $4 billion and exceeds approximately twice the amount of venture investments in block chain projects. In autumn of 2017, the volume of investments started to slow down, fewer and fewer projects have reached the goal of raising funds. This is due to some difficulties in the ICO. Thus, most ICOs use the Ethereum platform.

Because of its popularity Ethereum is overloaded, the rise in the cost of Ether leads to an increase in the cost of the ICO. Terms and functionality of the token are formulated in a smart contract — source code that may contain errors or deliberate «tabs». In addition, ICO is of interest to hackers due to its volumes, more than 10% of ICO funds are lost as a result of attacks. Apart from losing funds, the project reputation can be exposed to risks, like investors’ personal data. This factor also has a negative impact on the popularity of ICO.

Now ICO is a synonym of rush and very high risk. However, this form of crowdfunding offers unique opportunities: for solving any existing problem with the help of the blockchain functional, own token is really needed, and additional financing and active participation of investors improves the project.

From the point of view of protecting the interests of all the participants of the ICO, the transparency of open blockchains is not yet sufficiently used, and there are opportunities for regulators, projects as such and investors. The total amount of funds raised under ICO exceeded $3.7 billion and even outstripped the amount of venture investments.

Anlytics on the topic

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30 May 2018
Post-electoral infrastructure of Russia

The overview is published to inform the market participants and other stakeholders about the most urgent problems with infrastructural investments.

6 March 2018
Investments into the Infrastructure 2018

: The analytical review of InfraONE entitled Investments into the Infrastructure 2018 prepared by the Russian Investment Forum (Sochi 2018) analyses the current state of the market, its key trends and presents the development forecast for 2018-2019.

22 May 2018
Five Questions About Blockchain Technology

The potential of blockchain technology is far greater than the creation of cryptocurrencies. Its introduction will enable economic and technological advances in a range of different fields. And Russia can lead this process.

20 June 2018
Russian regions have become net lenders for financial institutions

ACRA research is devoted to Russian regions’ financial reserves and commercial debt.