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New life without Lamborghini: how Russia will remain without Italian imports

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10 April 2020
Новая жизнь без Lamborghini: как Россия останется без итальянского импорта
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22 May 2020
How Yandex users react to the COVID-19 problem

The publication by Yandex looks at the reactions of Yandex users to the COVID-19 problem. The publication provides statistics for web search queries with a breakdown by cities of Russia, and some other data such as the share of news about the coronavirus in the total number of news.

25 October 2018
World Oil Outlook 2040

This report by OPEC was presented at the Russian Energy Week — 2018 international forum and gives a forecast for the prospects of the global oil market up to 2040. The report also provides a detailed analysis of various factors affecting the market, explores potential changes, and studies the interrelation of the oil market with markets for other fossil fuels.

2 July 2020
Transformational Investment: Converting Global Systemic Risks into Sustainable Returns

The paper describes long-term global systemic risks that affect the environment, the economy and society. The review also provides practical advice for investors for converting systemic risks into development models. There are six main global systemic risks: climate change, water security, geopolitics, technological evolution, demographic shifts, low and negative real long-term interest rates.

4 December 2020
Perceptions and Understanding of Money — 2020

Genesis Mining conducted a survey of Americans and prepared a study on their understanding of the country’s financial system.