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In what case can the dollar soar above 100 rubles

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3 April 2020
В каком случае доллар может взлететь выше 100 рублей
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Analytical digest
23 July 2020
Survey of the current state of the economy and the outlook for overcoming the crisis around the world

The analytical digest, compiled by Roscongress Foundation experts, examines the interim results of efforts to mitigate the negative economic consequences of the pandemic, as well as the ability of countries to overcome the crisis.

16 July 2020
How soft will the Bank of Russia’s monetary policy be in 2020?

In this publication, ACRA studies prospective changes in the Bank of Russia’s monetary policy in 2020. Analysts consider such factors as the possibility of reducing the key rate, monetary policies of the central banks of developing countries, etc.

17 June 2020
Work reimagined: a two-geared approach to reopening and transforming your business

Reopening business after the pandemic is a long-term that may cause some difficulties and requires additional efforts for employers. Companies have to look for new ways to protect the employees health, the pandemic also showed the importance of new technologies for business organizing.

22 May 2020
Russian Industry Monitoring (April 2020)

In this publication, the Institute of Natural Monopolies Research (IPEM) summarizes the performance of Russia’s manufacturing industries in April 2020. This month, IPEM registered a sharp drop in manufacturing which is the greatest on record since the 2008-2010 financial crisis.