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Russia–Africa Forum Participants Address Natural Resources

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15 November 2019
Участники Форума Россия – Африка о природных ресурсах
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8 July 2020
African Socio-political Context in the Midst of the Pandemic: Further Stabilization or a Powder Keg Effect?

The Roscongress Foundation experts prepared a study on the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has on the African continent. The study addresses just how the active spread of the coronavirus is changing the contours of the African socio-political context.

4 September 2020
Gold Mining Companies: Riding the Price Wave

The National Rating Agency presents a study of the gold mining industry in Russia in 2020. The article examines aspects such as investment demand, financial results of Russian gold mining companies, as well as the state of the global gold supply amid restrictions due to measures to counter the spread of COVID-19.

10 January 2019
Overview of the Steel and Iron Ore Market. Second Half 2018

Deloitte CIS Research Centre has presented an analytical report which offers an overview of the global and Russian steel and iron ore markets, as well as a snapshot of the current state of the Russian steelmaking industry based on the sentiments of its participants.

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15 October 2019
Benedict Oramah "Africa is home to six of the world’s ten fastest growing economies”

Afreximbank President and Chairman of the Board Prof. Benedict Oramah shared his views about the future of the African economy and what role Russian companies will play in it.