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Opportunities and Risks for the Ocean Economy: Ensuring Sustainable Use of the World Ocean’s Natural Riches. Key Quotes

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9 April 2019
Возможности и риски для экономики Мирового океана: обеспечение рационального использования природных богатств. Ключевые цитаты
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29 May 2018
“Smoke-free products are the future”
Ashok Rammohan, President of Philip Morris International in Russia and Belarus, tells about innovations that can significantly reduce the harm caused by cigarettes.
30 August 2021
2021 Millennial and Gen Z Survey

Deloitte experts surveyed respondents from Gen Z and millennials in Russia about current trends and global challenges. The survey assesses the results against answers of these generations representatives worldwide.

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5 April 2019
RIAC FORECAST 2019–2024: ARCTIC 2024

The publication by the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC) provides an overview of climate change in the Arctic, raises the issue of the limits of the continental shelf in the Arctic Ocean, and studies the political and military situation in the region.

29 July 2020
Channel Shift: Prioritizing Digital Commerce. Navigating the human and business impact of COVID-19

In this publication, Accenture studies the transformation of commerce in the context of a rapid change in shopping patterns and consumer habits triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, Accenture suggests how companies might be able to adapt to the Quarantine Economy.