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Yuriy Korsun ‘The Significance of Roscongress Foundation Forums’

Expert opinion
26 March 2019

TV BRICS Roscongress. Expert opinion
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16 December 2019
BCG Review, November 2019

The November issue of BCG Review, a Russian-language publication of Boston Consulting Group Moscow, is focused on the formation of digital economy.

13 February 2018
Initial coin offering

ICO (Initial coin offering) is a form of attracting investments by selling to investors a fixed number of new units of crypto-currencies, received by way of a single or accelerated issue. EY presents a report on ICO.

27 March 2020
Beyond banking: How banks can use ecosystems to win in the SME market

The work by the McKinsey & Company consultancy explores SME development, challenges faced by SMEs, and the process of building an effectual ecosystem which would help businesses meet the challenges and would, at the same time, be profitable for banks.

28 March 2018
Debt Relationships Structure May Restrain Development and Growth in Russia

ACRA research is devoted to Russia’s debt market map Estimates made on the basis of new statistical data allow for detailed analysis of the currency structure and debt relationships maturity.