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Among CIS oil exporters, only Kazakhstan will evade the risk of slowing down economy

16 April 2018
Среди нефтеэкспортеров СНГ только Казахстан не столкнется с рисками замедления экономики
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17 August 2018
Let's not exaggerate: Southern Gas Corridor prospects to 2030

This analytical report by The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies explores potential supply sources, demand issues, transportation problems, and the conditions under which Southern Corridor gas will compete with other supply in the European market.

3 October 2018
New Energy Futures: Perspectives on the Transformation of the Oil and Gas Sector

This analytical report by PricewaterhouseCoopers presents the authors’ view on potential transformation of the oil and gas sector, the position of international companies, and the role of governments in the process.

30 July 2018
The Economy of Trust as the Key Driver of Integration in Greater Eurasia

This information report was prepared by IRIAS and the Institute for Economic Strategies of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) following the international strategic foresight session The Economy of Trust as the Key Driver of Integration in Greater Eurasia, held as part of SPIEF 2018. The foresight session was focused on forming an economy of trust as the key driver of integration in Greater Eurasia.