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ARCTIC 18-24-35

23 March 2018

The development strategy is important for the whole of Russia, especially for young people. The Center for Strategic Research (CSR) implements the project entitled Strategy for Future Professionals 18-24-35, involving young professionals in the preparation of the Russian Development Strategy for the period from 2018 to 2024 and for the future to 2035 year. About a quarter of the population of Russia is aged 18-35-years. They are active and wish to form a creative agenda.

The main values for the development of a human being, society, country, according to Generation 18-24-35, are trust and adaptability. Most of the representatives of this generation want to make the world around better through participation in social projects and use of technologies for sustainable development. It is important for them to understand the vector of our country development. Their personal strategies, careers, and contribution to the future of Russia depend on this.

In the framework of the Arctic Strategy 18-24-35: Vision of the Young project of October 2016 young professionals from the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (SAFU), the Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Association of Young Economists of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) discussed the future of the Arctic as a region which plays a special role for Russia.

The result of this work was this document entitled Arctic Strategy 18-24-35, which presents the young’s vision of the future of the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in a number of priority areas. In addition, this document contains a number of proposals for social and economic development projects to be implemented in the Arctic regions of the country.

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4 April 2019
Integrated Marine Management in the Arctic

The report reviews approaches to and mechanisms of marine management in the Arctic Ocean in areas beyond national jurisdiction of the coastal states. The authors conclude that there is a need to develop a special regime for the Arctic based on further build-up of the Arctic Council and the OSPAR experience.

Expert opinion
5 May 2020
“We must now test completely new hypotheses in the face of uncertainty”

Anton Pronin, Acceleration Director of Skolkovo’s IT cluster, offers step-by-step instructions to startups for surviving a pandemic. The cluster is a partner of the Roscongress Foundation’s Innovation Space, and participates in every event hosted by the platform, including the Science Fest Innovation and Science Festival which is to take place online 24–26 July 2020.