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26 January 2022
Годовой отчет о деятельности Национального конгресс-бюро – 2021
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31 October 2019
Intellectual Event as a Part of Public Diplomacy

Network interaction led to the development of new forms of diplomacy. There are such types of international relations that allow you to create new virtual spaces not only in the technical and technological sense, but also in the transboundary one. Transboundary interaction with positive connotation in international relations in the context of «network diplomacy» is realized in the format of dialogue platforms. Public diplomacy of international dialogues uses an event-based approach. Intellectual events, as part of public diplomacy, can consider international dialogues of civil communities as a very successful format.

27 August 2020
The rating of the efficiency of the functioning of the agro-industrial complex in the entities of the Russian Federation in the Q1 2020

The rating developed by the Institute for Complex Strategic Studies (ICSS) makes it possible to assess the effectiveness of the functioning of the agro-industrial complex in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, to determine the leading entities and to reveal the scale of imbalances in the development of agriculture in the country as a whole.

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24 May 2018
“Business is a competition of management systems”

Peter Strom, Vice President of Operations at the Adizes Institute, speaks on how Russian management is changing, what motivates employees and what the development of technology will lead to, in an interview with the Roscongress Foundation news service.