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  • UdSU

    Udmurt State University

    专业化: 综合性重点大学

    城市: Izhevsk

    大学生总数: 25 成千上万的人

  • ISMA

    Izhevsk State Medical Academy

    城市: Izhevsk

    大学生总数: 2,7 成千上万的人

  • ISAA

    Izhevsk State Agricultural Academy

    专业化: 技术学院

    城市: Izhevsk

    大学生总数: 11 成千上万的人


    Kamsk Institute of Humanitarian and Engineering Technologies

    城市: Izhevsk

    大学生总数: 3 成千上万的人

  • ISTU

    M. T. Kalashnikov Izhevsk State Technical University

    专业化: 技术学院

    城市: Izhevsk

    大学生总数: 22 成千上万的人



  • SIRA

    Udmurt State Scientific Institution Research Institute of Agriculture of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences

    专业化: Udmurt SIRA of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences breeds over 18 kinds of potatoes, the main cereal, perennial herbs, and fruit and berry crops.

    城市: Izhevsk

  • Laboratory control

    JSC Laboratory control

    专业化: Measurements

    城市: Izhevsk

  • Udmurt Scientific Center UB RAS

    Institute of Applied Mechanics of the Ural branch of the RAS

    专业化: Key research areas of the institute: physics and mechanics of heterogeneous environments, including mechanic and physicochemistry of nanodimensional systems; problems of mechanics of a deformable solid body and tribology of materials; new materials, devices, and methods for their research.

    城市: Izhevsk

  • Udmurtgrajdanproekt

    JSC Udmurtgrajdanproekt

    专业化: Construction of residential, public, and production buildings and facilities.

    城市: Izhevsk

  • Niti "Progress"

    Research Technological Institute " Progress"

    专业化: The institute is the leading developer of multi-purpose mill-drill machines and systems for CNC machine tools. The institute obtains an engineering, production and experimental base. In the course of production activity, the institute constantly supported scientifically – technical communications with more than 200 research institutes, commercial banks, factories in the country.

    城市: Izhevsk


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