Welcome to the country of endless opportunities.

Russia is a huge market, an economy with diverse industries, high-tech production, modern infrastructure, abundant natural resources, and a variety of business incentives provided by the state. Recent measures taken to reduce administrative burden on investors and entrepreneurs have already helped create a favorable business environment in Russia. And the process of regulatory reform is still unfolding — both on federal level and in each particular region.

Do not hesitate to discover Russia. The perfect time to invest here is now.

A country for business

Four years ago the World Bank placed Russia on the 120th position in the Doing Business ranking. Today Russia is number 51, but in certain categories has made it to the top-10. This means that starting a business, getting credit, paying taxes, and essentially doing business in Russia gets easier every year.

Getting electricity
Paying taxes
Starting a business
Registering property
Getting credit
Protecting minority investors
Enforcing contracts
Learn about the Agency for Strategic Initiatives project that helped Russia make its biggest advance toward the regulatory frontier:
“the National Business Initiative”
Every 2 days a new RUB 500+ mln
worth production facility is opened in Russia.1
Hundreds of major international companies have already discovered Russia
Top-20 foreign companies in Russia by revenue in 20142 (bn RUB)
    Russian share
    in the global revenue:

    A country for innovations

    Russia has the world’s highest share of employees with tertiary education3. It was ranked 14th in Bloomberg's 2015 index of the world's 50 most innovative countries, ahead of Switzerland, Austria, China, and the Netherlands. The government channels vast investments into science. Companies deploy an ever increasing amount of latest high-tech equipment units, and by the number of employees in science-driven industries Russia makes it to the world’s top-204.

    Top-5 European countries by the government expenditure on science and R&D5
    Great Britain
    • World’s number 9 by a total of patent
      applications filed with the local
      patent office (by $1 bn GDP (PPP))6
    • World’s number 2 by the share
      of women with academic degrees
      in the workforce (aged over 25)6
    • World’s number 13 by the share
      of university graduates working
      in the spheres of science,
      engineering and construction
      (in the total number of graduates)7
    • 30% of scientific workers have doctoral academic degrees8
    Growth in expenses by public and private organizations on technological
    innovations since 2010 (mln RUB)9
    Current results of the Russian federal program on creating
    a network of modern tech parks:
    • 400 thousand m2
      of premises
    • 18 thousand
    • 750 resident
    • RUB 40 bn
      in revenue in 2014
    Share of innovative products in overall production, %:

    A country for trade

    There are 17.7 mln m2 of shopping centers in Russia – more than in any other European country10. Russia’s e-commerce market is also the biggest in Europe. It is currently dominated by Chinese companies.

    • Number of Internet
      users in Russia: 80 mln11
    • E-commerce market size:
      RUB 560 bn.11
    • Average market growth rate: 30% PA11
    Russia’s Internet audience is already the largest in Europe, and broadband penetration rate is still growing in the regions. Moreover, 99% of the Russians have mobile devices, which means that a revolution in e-commerce is in the making.
    Jan Kegelberg E-commerce development director,
    ​Otto Group Russia
    65% of online orders in 2014 were processed by Chinese companies
    This amounted to 50 mln orders
    placed by the Russians in the Chinese online stores
    the biggest player in the Russian e-commerce market: Russia is the second biggest market for this company,
    representing 10% of its audience
    Despite prevailing cash payments, that are made on delivery, the use of credit
    cards is on the rise. In the meantime, the expedited shipping market shows
    steady growth
    Expedited shipping market size in Russia (RUB bn)12

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