Support measures

Property tax rate


Profit tax rate


It can be reduced for investors by 4.5 percentage points

Land tax rate


Investors can receive a reduced rate or a full exemption

Business associations in the region

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kostroma Region

    Business associations, small businesses support

    Name: Valentin Orlov
    Phone: +7 (4942) 62-99-62
    Spoken languages: Russian

  • Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs

    Consolidation of the efforts of industrialists and entrepreneurs, aimed at improving the business environment; maintaining a balance between the interests of society; business and government.

    Name: Vadim Bryukhanov
    Phone: +7 (4942) 51-36-33
    Spoken languages: Russian

  • Builders Union of the Kostroma region

    Coordination of economic activities of the members of the Union, cooperation with authorities, trade unions, community organizations, legislative activity.

    Name: Evgeny Nagorov
    Phone: +7 (4942) 37-13-50, +7 (4942) 37-13-60
    Spoken languages: Russian

  • The Guild of jewelers "Golden ring of Russia"

    Consolidation of efforts and cooperation of members of the Guild, aimed at providing favourable conditions of work of members of the jewelry market; professional ethics; the creation and development of the national market jewelry

    Name: Vladimir Purigin
    Phone: +7 (4942) 45-35-20, +7 (4942) 45-35-30, +7 (4942) 45-35-40
    Spoken languages: Russian

Consulting associations in the region

Оrganizations coordinating the investment activity in the region

Investment Events


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