Dear Partners!

The Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous District is deeply integrated into the global economic system. Ugra formed and continues to develop a detailed "road map" of partnership with investors. It includes legal mechanisms and long-term agreements with our strategic partners.

Independent experts estimate the investment attractiveness of Ugra as one of the best in the country. The international rating agency Standard & Poor's affirmed its credit rating of Ugra as 'BBB', and the forecast is considered "Stable". Note that this is the highest credit rating assigned to a Russian region.

It's not surprising though, as Ugra possesses everything necessary for an investor: advanced legislation and infrastructure to support the business, industrial parks, a sustained fiscal system, and a low level of credit load. We will continue to do everything to ensure that investors in Ugra always get a comfortable climate for doing business. In the end that is what helps us create the most favorable conditions for living, working and recreation.


Governor of Khanty-Mansiyskiy Autonomous District
Natalia Komarova
  • Administrative center


  • Federal district


  • Distance to Moscow

    2800 km

    Moscow—Khanty-Mansiysk — 3 hours

  • Timezone


  • Population

    1612.00 million people

    4.30% english speaking population

  • Area of the Region

    534,8 thousand sq km


Economic performance

  • Gross Regional Product

    2 789 654 billion
    ₽ 1 753 776,90 thousand per person
  • Foreign Direct Investment

    $ 466,60 million
    $ 289,50 per person
  • Fixed investment

    709,38 million
    ₽ 442 072 per person
  • Unemployment rate

    4,60 %
  • Percentage of profitable companies

    70,20 %
  • Average cost of living

    12 135
  • Average monthly wage

    57 976
Gross Regional Product
GRP per capita
Foreign Direct Investment
FDI per capita
Fixed investment
Fixed investment per capita
Unemployment rate
Average monthly wage
Percentage of profitable companies

Geographical location and climate

Largest cities



    328,9 K people



    264,6 K people



    125,9 K people



    92,2 K people

Sunny days Average annual rainfall
74 610 mm
Average January temperature Average July temperature
-24°С 18,4°С
Natural area
Mixed forest

Natural resources

  • Mineral resources

  • Combustible resources

    45 billion t
    35 billion t
    Natural gas
    17 billion t
  • Other resources

    Fish Resources Two main rivers flow in the region - Ob and Irtysh. All in all, there are thousands of large and small rivers with a total length of more than 172,000 kilometers and more than 300 thousand lakes. These reservoirs are inhabited by 28 species of fish, 17 of which are of commercial importance: sturgeon, white salmon, whitefish, peled, whitefish, whitefish-pyzhyan, tugun, burbot, pike, ide, bream, perch, carp, perch, roach, dace and ruff.

    Agroclimatic resources In the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug operating margin of wild plants is (kt): cranberry 5968
    cranberries 3560
    blueberries 1018
    blueberries 680
    cloudberry 627
    currant 122
    mushrooms 442
    pine nuts 86

    Forest resources


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