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Construction of the Krylya (Wings) Congress Hall Public And Business Center

Publication date: 06.05.2020
Last updated: 18.05.2021
  • Construction
  • Construction
  • Construction
Project type
  • New construction / launch of new production
Project budget
17,650,000  thousand rubles
Need for external investment
14,350,000  thousand rubles
Form of required financing
  • Debt financing / bank loan


Project description

About 129 business events are held annually in the Chelyabinsk market in halls with a capacity of fewer than 1,000 people, while in the segment from 1,001 to 1,500 people, 35 to 40 events are held annually in this format (according to expert estimates, in 2016 there was a decline compared to 2013), from 1,501 to 4,000 people 2-4, and in the segment over 4,000 people, represented mainly by exhibitions-33-37 events per year.
In Chelyabinsk, there is no high-quality specialized exhibition facility with an area of more Than 10,000 square meters. m and a ceiling height of 15 m, convenient for large business events - this hinders the growth of the market.
The investment project involves the construction of a unique building of the Social and business center (SBC) with the function of a Congress hall in Chelyabinsk.

The purpose of the facility is to hold business meetings and negotiations, organize a hotel for the temporary stay of guests of the complex, hold entertainment events, exhibitions, as well as organize a public pedestrian zone and a bridge over the Miass River.
In terms of construction - two peaks with a height of 85 and 170 meters on the banks of the river. Business meetings, social events, and exhibitions can be held at the complex — all the necessary infrastructure is planned. The complex shape of the Congress hall is designed to harmoniously emphasize the bend of the river and completely cover its width. The building is unique in terms of design — it will become a new attraction in Chelyabinsk.

The social and business center will have a universal transformable hall for 3,500 people, which will allow holding large-scale public events in various formats. The foyer of the center, as well as meeting rooms and conference rooms with the possibility of transformation, can also be used for various exhibitions, presentations, and festive events.
The technical equipment of the multifunctional hall will allow you to organize not only business events but also entertainment, theater, philharmonic concerts, and sports and entertainment events at the highest international level, meeting all the specific requirements for the organization of entertainment space in terms of visibility, comfort, and safety.
The volume of the building will include a Congress center; a conference area; exhibition, shopping, and public areas; an observation deck; a hotel; apartments; a restaurant with a view of the city at the highest point of the tower.
By the end of 2020, new transport interchanges will be built to ensure the logistics accessibility of the public and business center. The surrounding area to the public and business center and embankments on both sides of the Miass river will be improved.

The social and business center will combine several balanced functions:

  • Congress hall is a multifunctional platform for business, exhibition, and entertainment events;
  • class B office space+;
  • apartments;
  • shopping center;
  • middle scale hotel;
  • adjacent public spaces (embankment);
  • multilevel parking.

The total area of the complex (not including multi-level Parking and adjacent public spaces) is 122 thousand square meters.
The Congress hall in the ODC building will meet the requirements of the Roscongress Foundation, which will allow us to offer it as a venue for meetings at the government and international levels, which can increase the business attractiveness and the influx of business tourists because Chelyabinsk today is a leading industrial center with enterprises in metallurgy, mechanical engineering and Metalworking, instrumentation, light, and food industry. The city has a stable economic position and has great potential for further development.
The Chelyabinsk region has established the economic partnership "Congress hall" as the operator of the target task for the implementation of this investment project.


  • A land plot of 8 ha is leased for building construction, including an artificial land plot.
  • Project documentation that has passed state expertise
  • Current construction permits
  • Completed: Embankment
  • Ready Foundation
  • Finished zero cycles of a building
  • Mounted bridge structures
  • Work continues on the creation of engineering communications and landscaping, technological connection.

Сontacts of the regional development institute
Ministry of Economic Development of the Chelyabinsk Region
Levko Vyacheslav Dmitrievich
8 (351) 263-86-55
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